Bryce Canyon

Off to Bryce Canyon in one car with lunches. We first went to the visitors center to check it out. Drove up to sunset point and went on the Queens/Navajo combination loop and as advertised-it’s the worlds best three mile hike. It has always been interesting to go into something that you see on the surface which looks like a picture – such as the Grand Canyon ( did that two day hike when I was pregnant with my daughter) because otherwise it isn’t quite comprehended. This trail through Bryce was both spectacular and challenging and worth every moment. The girls did it without any complaint and the frequent stops for Mariah (6.5 months with daughter) made taking lots of photos easy. Lunch was perfect and then we drove up to Bryce point – how anyone can build that high up is questionable the incredible platform that overlooks these Moroccan type structures is picture worthy! We went back to our Cloud to freshen up and had pesto with chicken. We also learned our lesson and closed all the vents, put on the heater and slept the best ever !!

Bryce Canyon is colorful and vast!

When you hike down you have to go up!

Monkeys in a tree!

Ava in mom’s belly!

Lunches worth waiting for!

8627 elevation at Natural Bridge in Bryce Canyon NP