Next stop Harris Beach in Oregon

Big Lagoon Beach – lunch time!

Only 2 hours ahead- but a whole state away. We left a foggy beach and drove north to Harris Beach State Park.  John has always wanted to camp right on the beach north of Trinidad – but now they only seem to allow day use at Big Lagoon, so instead we ate our lunch, walked down to the water and watched  the fog start to rise.

Campsite B1(47) at Harris Beach State Park

We drove into Crescent City, stopped at Safeway and bought some salmon and headed north.  When we drove through Smith River it was interesting to me to see lily growing here- fields and fields of agriculture- reminded me of Davenport by Santa Cruz. Nothing blooming – just the signs calling the area the Lily Capitol of the world. Yeah for another ag industry in the state!

Need ice or ice cream – you can get it here!

When we arrived at Harris Beach the site was still occupied – so we were directed to hang out in the day use area (check in time is 4 and check out time is 1 in the state parks – not even 24 hours. – bummer).  Nice area and everyone was enjoying the sun. We hung out for about an hour then made out way to the site.  The park is nice and very family orientated.  There is even a play structure in the middle of the park! Also during evening time a vehicle comes around and sells ice cream and ice!

Fun for some in the middle of the park!

Dinner was salmon on the barbie and at 8:30 we walked across the road and watched a presentation on the local state parks in the Samuel Boardman Scenic Corridor. We then finished the movie from the night before – The Long, Long Trailer.  I don’t know about boulders (that’s what those rocks looked like to me)  and jam – but I did pick up some rocks from Agate Beach but don’t tell anyone.