Patrick's Point sun and fog!

Fog at Palmer Point.

Our drive was from 106 to 61 degrees all within two and 1/2 hours. It felt good to get away from the heat of the ville and also to be headed on a new adventure in the cloud. We arrived at Patrick’s Point State Park, put some water into our tank at the Visitor’s Center and found our campsite. The site was perfect, we backed in, unhooked the truck, took our bikes off the rack and biked the campground.  We commented to each other how it was nice to park and leave without having to set up the site and of course put up a tent.

Gulls at Agate Beach

There was a mixture of fog and sun in the park, and we searched out the sun. Funny to want sun coming from wanting to get away from the sun’s heat. We were able to ride the entire park and hike down to the beach to enjoy Agate Beach and look for interesting items.

It was a nostalgic trip in some ways as we attended educational events here when we were living in the county We also  camped here with the kids back in the mid 90’s but they were undecided about the year.

Two kids find a Japanese buoy- we think.

The evening was spent grilling fish, having salad, humus, peas and brown rice.  We then settled in to watch or sort of watch The Long, Long Trailer…it’s quite funny and scarey! Before we knew it 10:30 came and we were falling asleep.