Urban camping in Portland

Driving into Portland was an adventure. We created the worst possible scenario for ourselves and that was coming in at rush hour AND not getting gas before we hit the city. We were lucky when we found the gas station – and we were lucky when the attendants stopped traffic to help us back out – we were lucky that no one got angry. We did deviate from our  directions to where we were staying – but Google map eventually got us there.

The street where we were parking for the next three nights was a bit narrow for my liking and also because I sleep on the street side I felt at times there wasn’t to much space between me and the cars driving by at night. I really don’t know if I would stay again on the street, it was a bit sleepless in Portland.  We did have some great food, took awesome urban hikes,visited the Hoyt Arboretum, and relaxed with John’s sister Cathy which was perfect.

We had a nice path to the house!

Love this mural and the food was good too!

Did a nice urban hike through the river frontage of Portland.