A Short Spring Break at Bothe Napa


Vogue spread on Taylor Swift with an Airstream as one of her props.

When one has final deadlines to meet but wants to fit a moment away into an already hectic schedule it has to be perfect. With a short three day window there were a few things on the agenda.
First: It has been almost two years since we purchased the Cloud and that means our warranty is almost up – so time to head to Bay Area Airstream and get those little things taken care of.  In addition we are adding another solar panel. It’s a five hour trip and after spending the night in the parking lot we leave the Cloud with them for repairs. In the past we have had all the work done in a day and assumed this would be the case. After a juggling at their end we were able to go off to Berkeley and REI with the assurance we could pick the Cloud up later that day and continue on to Bothe Napa. But before we left we had to tour the new Airstreams!

A special order Airstream – love those lights.

Nothing like a new road bike!

Second: We are long time REI people and John has been eyeing a new bike so off we go. It was the perfect Monday, hardly any traffic, great REI service, fantastic price on the bike, a fabulous lunch and a call that the Cloud was ready to go before afternoon traffic would interfere.
 Third: Always wanted to return to Bothe Napa Valley State Park to camp.  In the past we have stayed in bed/breakfasts or hotels but never camped. We arrived in the late afternoon and found BNSP was already on the reservation system and spots were limited, but two nights would work.

Love the original signs – maybe even made at the sign shop at Humboldt Redwoods SP.

Site #46 out of 50. It appears that reservations are a must these days especially for campgrounds close to towns where attractions are.

Love our coffee setup. The thermos keeps it hot forever and the filter was a great find as it’s the perfect size. Before that filter we spilled and we are still finding coffee grounds after a year!

Wanting to maximize our one solid day we hiked the trail to Coyote Peak (around 4 miles) but when we got to the top we found it tremendously overgrown.

The Hitchcock’s of San Francisco had a summer home at what is now BNSP and this is a fountain on the property.

Walking around cute St. Helena was fun as we hit up the Model Bakery for cookies, the hardware store’s fantastic kitchen section, a store that sells Patagonia and the museum.

The rain kept up and we finally figured out that the zippy needed to be higher on one side than the other for correct drainage. A broom helped get most of the water off from firm pokes below. Learning all the time.