After the fall…bringing the Cloud home!

After hubby’s fall off his mountain bike, ER visit, packing the Airstream for storage, spending a few days before the long drive home recovering with family, having surgery (six screws (not rivets) and a plate), it was time to get the Cloud home. Deciding that I needed a hero to help me I enlisted one and leaving around 6:00 am, enduring road construction, a two hour traffic crash slowdown westbound on I-80 we arrived at Olema Campground where the Cloud was stored. Twenty minutes later after dealing with a fuse issue with the hitch (glad to have that spare) we were off.

This was one of two big rigs involved in the accident. It was difficult to figure out, as they were both going west, what happened.

The Cloud was in great shape, however we did not check the tires…only the lights.

Right about the time we were to get on 37 to I-80 there was a hard closure, due to an eastbound accident. Love Google, and we took a detour to highway 12 to hit I-80 at Fairfield. That closure also cost us two hours in slow traffic – however during that time an observant driver informed us one of our trailer tires was separating! Luckily we were only going 8-10 mphs and when we hit I-80 we stopped at a rv dealer who told us about the tire shops in the area. We drove to one (Airstream’s shop was closed) discovering there that both front Airstream tires were separating!!!!! They used the spare as they didn’t have the size in stock, so off to another shop where they were able to provide the right tire and put it on and by 7:00 we were back on the road to endure more driving, road construction- and home by midnight (550 miles). So thankful for heroes (Glen Brown) in my life! And after 40 minutes the next morning I (determined) was able to back the Cloud into the yard and relax!

Tire shop #1.

Tire shop #2