We’re Camping :) at Cattle Camp!

Labor Day weekend and the first get away since hubby’s mountain bike accident in late June. We wanted a long weekend and this was gonna be it. Deciding on McCloud, as it was close and a no reservations area, we took our chances. Leaving right after work and stopping for gas we were on our way. I had a feeling that timing was everything. Smokey and hazy skies surrounded us as we traveled the two hours north but we didn’t care as we had three days of Airstreaming ahead and we could just move on if needed.

Driving past the large Rv park in McCloud was a bit unnerving as it was packed. We stopped at Fowlers Campground and it was full so drove on to Cattle Camp. Driving in we made it to the second loop and got the last campsite! So relieved!!! We settled in, made dinner and relaxed for the night, thrilled we had a site. Sleep obviously was needed as we awoke to blue clear skies at 9 in the morning. Can’t remember the last time that happened, maybe it was site relief sleep, or that we finally were able to camp again.

Even though it’s the end of summer there were still some red berries on this shrub, and my new lens captured it.

Best swimming hole around and only a ten minute walk from Cattle Camp. Can get a bit crowded only because the beach space is limited.

Cattle Camp is small and spread out- and a bit better than Fowlers we think. In the morning we walked to the river (only ten minutes), and continued on to the swimming hole (best one around) hiking further on the trail. It’s a good hike with great spots along the way to spend time. Back at camp we both relaxed and read ( me the Nightingale-so good). I had planned to catch up on work but alas left it behind.

The McCloud River is crystal clear and is 77 miles long we walked along it for about two miles from Cattle Camp. It eventually will hit Upper McCloud Falls. This trail will bring us back again when we visit.

So perfect to wake up in the morning and know that we had three days to play in and outside the Cloud.

On Sunday we went into McCloud and explored the old mill site, ate lunch at the White Mountain Cafe (great service)  and drove through the Rv park to look at all the big rigs. Again on the radar was relaxing and reading for the late afternoon. Family movies for our evening entertainment, tried for antenna service but none available. Remembering later that the antenna needed lubrication, we almost couldn’t get it down to travel, but determination prevailed. Note to pay attention to those little things.

Trying to capture the art of my salad making.

Wasps had us eating inside – so glad for the layout of our Cloud.

The only complaint were the wasps -glad for the Cloud, as inside eating was the norm. The weather and mornings were perfect and we enjoyed  relaxing and being together. So thankful for that last campsite! We left the area driving towards Burney Falls SP to dump and avoid holiday traffic. At Burney we had Airstream dumping company and avoided major delays on I-5. It was the perfect weekend to get back into the swing of things and know more are ahead. Time to plan again!

Mt. Shasta never looks the same with the ever changing light and clouds.

Such a perfect weekend for us to ease back into the Airstream!