Woodson Bridge!

It’s September and an anniversary/wedding weekend! 39 years for us! We are also attending the wedding of our close friend’s son and it’s their anniversary too! Made reservations for Woodson Bridge SP and leaving right after work we made it to the park in time to still have daylight and have a glass of wine outside. We had our choice of sites and picked 14 as its long and has space around it. A warm evening and full moon enveloped us for the night.

Perfect spot -as most of them are at this park. This is our fourth time at Woodson Bridge since buying the Cloud, and never in the same spot.

So excited to get settled we forgot to get water before we unhooked. Luckily we had three sections of hose and it was just long enough. The camp host volunteered theirs but we didn’t need it.

Morning was perfect, went for a two mile hike along the Sacramento River. We walked partly in the park where numerous oaks are entwined with grapevines, and then went up the river hitting the levee road with walnut orchards on the right. Saw egrets, turkeys, a bee hive compound, a baby fox and numerous quail. It’s so park-like with the old valley oaks and it’s mowed grass-green areas. Walking to the river bluffs are always a highlight as the river always is in constant motion.

A little bit of summer color left.

Wild grapes still on the vines but all vineyards are long picked.

Bee hives right by the walnut groves along the levee road.

Nothing better than spending 39 years with someone you love!

Breakfast after the wedding.

Always loved this building and signage on the way to the New Clairvaux winery.