Montana, Idaho, Oregon and CA oh my!

Leaving Yellowstone on Monday we didn’t really have a set plan to get home except by that Friday before the weekend road crowds. Unfortunately we didn’t know that Grand Teton National Park was so close and that when leaving one we were entering the other. Wished we had camped but time was marching tooo fast.

Leaving Yellowstone and heading home.

Entering Grand Teton National Park from Yellowstone.

The Grand Tetons. We stopped at Colter Bay and considered camping (should have) but decided to move on.

Those bison are always a site to see.

Big Hole BBQ in Victor, Idaho was perfect!

We headed to the Rainey Creek Country Store for square ice cream in Swan Valley, Idaho

 Ended up in Idaho Falls at the South Tourist Park campground on the Snake River. The camp host helped us get water as the facilities were closed due to construction. It was an interesting place, numerous boaters use the area and its quite small. The river didn’t look appealing for swimming as it flows through an industrial area. Glad for hookups as it was hot! This place is in the zone for the August 21 eclipse and the rates go up to $100 a night.  Our one neighbor got a wake up call with the police at 7 am, so we got out of there as soon as we could.

The sunset was a welcome site.

Following the Snake River we continued driving and had lunch at the day-use area at Massacre Rocks State Park. We considered stopping here to camp, but instead drove on. Deciding on Three Island Crossing State Park in Idaho, we got groceries, and found the campground with large lawns under a grove of trees with a view for the night.  Another place with hookups as it was blazing hot. In the morning we visited their museum & history exhibit at the visitors center on the Oregon trail, quite impressive.

This campground has 82 campsites and also cabins. It is just off Interstate 84 and we were impressed. There is a winery one can walk to but we were there after 5 pm.

The sunset was very impressive, but probably because of all the western fire activity we were heading into.

 We headed west and towards Burns, Oregon. It was a long drive but with truck AC it was fine and the only thing to really do. There are fires everywhere, but luckily not on our route.

Burns RV Park was packed. Nice, clean and quiet campground.

 Mexican food at El Aguilar in Lakeview, Oregon, on the way towards our last stop. We were hoping for one last night in a USFS campground but they were all closed due to fire activity so we headed to Lassen RV Park. Funny thing there was an Airstream Rally happening! The park was well maintained, had a pool and so with that we enjoyed our last night before arriving home on Friday.

I spy another Airstream! Its a rally of the Northern Cali group!