Sea Cliff, Santa Cruz

Always a fun time to head to Santa Cruz regardless of the time. We have a lot of memories accumulated from there….

Leaving Saturday morning was perfect as there were loose ends to tie up at work and our son was visiting. Heading out around 10 we stopped to get gas and food and headed south. Destination was Solano Lake campground, a county park. We arrived around 3:00 and picked up second to the last hookup site- didn’t need it but it worked out as a peacock loves our trailer and couldn’t get enough of me chatting with him. We walked around the area in awe of the weather and calmness of the air. Numerous birds and water fowl. Dinner was left overs followed by watching the Olympics.

Made it to San Rafael after following an older Airstream for quite a while. Had lunch, watched bike ridding and walking skills, visited a store and settled in for a visiting night. Leaving in the morning, after more biking riding and hanging in the Airstream, we took off south. Going over the Golden Gate is always impressive, tried to take the Great Highway route, but drifting sand closed it. Tried to eat at Sam’s Chowder House but the 45 minute wait at 1:30 was a bit much. We ended up getting Safeway Chowder and stopping at San Gregorio SB to eat.
Driving through the north end of Santa Cruz is always packed, we hit New Brighton for water and got to Sea Cliff just as the kiosk was closing. Asked to change sites to get A1 but was deterred. After getting a Ranger to help us we switched. Best site ever as there is no one to our south and no sounds of generators surrounding us, just surf breaking. Went for a quick bike ride as the wind was up, settled in, and then walked up the hill to have dinner at Manuel’s.
Woke up to sun and had a relaxing morning, then walked to New Brighton SP along the water. The campground was pretty full with half of it closed. Surprised the parking area is still not fixed and now one of the walks to the beach is closed from the campground. I always wonder about maintenance at this park as it seems to be lacking.
Lunch outside, working on some school work and just enjoying the afternoon was the theme. Had a visit from Lisa, Ruby and dogs in the late afternoon, had a glass of wine and then headed to Linda’s for dinner.
Sunny Wednesday! Gorgeous day, little wind. John went for a bike ride after breakfast and I met up with Linda to walk downtown Santa Cruz and have lunch. Back to camp for a perfect sunset. Thursday morning was windy and we walked in the morning to the end of Rio Del Mar, checking out a place we had rented over 30 years ago. Still looked good! The sisters came for dinner and a walk, it was perfect. The wanted a campfire, we offered instead breakfast the next morning.
Breakfast on Friday was pancakes and bacon, fruit and juice and the weather was non windy but cool. They left and John and I went into Capitola- he to bike ride and I to shop. Fun times always in that little town. We decided to stay another night because the weather was perfect and we could.
Up early Saturday morning and off we went heading back home. Decided to stay at Woodson Bridge but found it closed until April 1. Instead we headed to the RV park right there which turned out to be a good spot as we winterized in the morning before heading home. Made it home without weather issues on Sunday even though snow was in the forecast.