Thanksgiving Week 2018

Grand kids and cousins.

Strange to have the Cloud away already, as John had already taken it to a babysitting adventure. I left on Saturday morning the 17th, before Thanksgiving to visit family and meet him. It is always easy to pack for any trip in the Airstream, as the Cloud only needs my clothes via a paper bag. Upon my arrival I was greeted by family, and a great dinner. Leaving in the morning we drove to Sonoma Coast and decided if we couldn’t get I to Wright’s Beach we would try Bodega Bay.

There always is an art piece on this beach.

Sunset sort of.

Arriving around 3 pm on Sunday we secured an overflow site and settled in. The park has around 6 that can be purchased and used up to a week! Our neighbors across we’re leaving Monday and their view was the best of the lot. We enjoyed numerous discussions with them about camping and weather, as rain was predicted and with the worst fire season (Carr and Campfire) affecting all of us, it was most welcome.

Moved to the other side with a better view

Backwards view

Always nice to see the potential route.

We could live on the Sonoma Coast.

Tuesday was another clear day, where was the rain? Deciding to drive up the coast, to check out potential camping spots, we left around 11. We stopped in Jenner at the Sonoma Coast Visitor Center, visited the Jenner Headlands Gateway, and lunched at Timber Cove Inn. So much fun eating outside, and touring the grounds, after the drive that rivals the Big Sur Coast. After lunch we continued up to Ocean Cove Campground and we put it on the list. Driving back we stopped at the mouth of the Russian River to watch the birds, drove up 116 to Duncan Mills to check out the vast Casini Ranch Family Campground. Arriving back at camp we enjoyed our last night with a beautiful sunset and a campfire.

Another perfect morning with sunshine

Sweet docent at the visitor center, and we should have brought our kayak!

The view of the mouth of the Russian River.

New nature area.

Shrimp sliders due to crab season being not so good.

Look this up



We awoke to Wednesday rain! Enjoyed it on our beach walk, but not so much when we got ready to leave and hookup. We dumped at Bodega and lunched in the Cloud in the day-use area before we arrived back in Marin to moochdock for four days and celebrate Thanksgiving.

Rain in the morning!

Home for a bit!

Celebrating a perfect feast!

These three!!!

Best buds!