Canada/Alaska Planning

Going to Alaska, and Canada takes quite the planning. There are the hard copy items, the websites, the videos, apps, and so why not make a resource page.

First, the decision of when to leave, where to go, and for how long. We went in 2022, and the pandemic was still with us. There is a window of time that going north to Canada and Alaska is comfortable, meaning the weather is not adventurous, which also dictates what is open; roads, parks, tours etc. The window for us is June through August. It’s quite the drive, over 8,000 miles round trip.

Second, the route from home, through Oregon, Washington, where to cross into Canada, what to see, what highways to take, and where to stay. Our style is dry camping as long as we can, and then do a hookup site for a recharge of the trailer and maybe a long shower. Various RV tours post their itinerary online, specifically the 60 day tours, and initially can be handy to check out.

Thirdly, what do we need to do to the trailer, truck and ourselves to get ready.

Lastly, none of the above can be done in a real order as planning a trip involves multitasking, lots of doors to go through as they open and close all the time. I did make reservations early on for Denali NP (Riley Creek and Teklanika), Caribou RV Park in Whitehorse, Gold Rush Campground in Dawson City, Rivers Edge in Fairbanks, Northern Lights in Dawson Creek, Whistlers Campground in Jasper NR, McLeod Meadows in Kootenay Park, and Tunnel Mountain Village 1 in Banff NP).

Subsequently, the lists below (not in any order) is a work in progress, finely tuned as our adventure becomes a reality.

YouTube videos to watch that provide one tidbit or many
Bound for Nowhere 16 episodes
Long Long Honeymoon 8 episodes
Mortons on the Move 21 episodes (also on Amazon Prime)
Newstate Nomads 13 episodes
No Ordinary Path 32 episodes
The Motorhome Experiment 20 episodes
RVing to Alaska 15 episodes
Keep Your Daydream 15 episodes
The Road Chose Me 10 episodes
Less Junk More Journey 40 episodes
Adventures in Nomadness 25 episodes
Lifestyle Overland (start at S1E21)
Through my Lens

Books/ Guides/Maps
Alaska Scenic Drives, National Parks, Best Hikes by Lisa Maloney (updated in 2020)
Alaskan Camping
by Mike and Terri Church (8th edition)
The Milepost
(we have the 2020 one, and you also get it in digital version)
National Geographic Road Atlas (Adventure Edition)
Alaska Road and Recreation Atlas
by Benchmark Maps
Denali National Park Trails Illustrated Topo Map (National Geographic)
Crown of the Continent Geotourism Map and Guide (National Geographic)
British Columbia Map
by GM Johnson
Camping in BC (website)
Official Guide to Anchorage Alaska (website )
Travel Alaska Planner (website )
Explore Fairbanks (website )
Yukon Guidebook (website)

Websites and Apps invaluable, most of the time
Join the RVing to Alaska Facebook Page (link) for the year you are going.
Alaska RV (link) and the app
BC Parks (website) shows you the parks in British Columbia
Camping and RVing in BC (website)
Canada Parks (website)
Yukon Parks (website)
Alaska Campground Owners (website)
Campendium App or Website (website)
Allstays App (website)
InRoute App (website) I have used this mapping app for most of our adventures over ten days
GasBuddy App
Kilometers to Miles (website)
RVLife Trip Wizard (website) This app is more detailed than the InRoute App which I am also using

Trailer/truck readiness
~Ceramic coating done at Vinnie’s Northbay Airstream Repair along with repair of the shelves in the fridge as they were broken.
~New mattresses because we had the original Airstream mattresses and an added foam topper, which were both beginning to break down.
~Install magnets for blackout covers for the Fantastic Fans.
~New batteries for the TST (tire monitoring system)
~For the truck – oil change, new filter, air filter change, coolant flush, transmission filter and fluids, brake fluid, tire rotation. Wash and wax (basic 45K checkup).
~Purchase a hitch pin lock.
~Check dates on propane tanks as they need to be recertified after 10 years in Canada or they will not fill them.
~Order and cut the reflective foam for the bedroom area.

What we are taking for ourselves unique to this trip
Less stuff, looking at Morton’s on the Move list in episode 3 (website) even though they were taking a camper and not a trailer.

Our Route and I am sure it will change
~Leaving from northern California, heading up to cross into British Columbia at Osoyoos, Oroville, Washington, around June 7th.
~Using The Milepost itinerary #4 as it is all land based. We are not doing Fort Simpson or Yellowknife. At first we left out Dawson City because we did not want to take the Airstream from Chicken to Dawson City, then changed our mind to take the road from Whitehorse up and back. Really wanted to see the town. Also we were not going to go to Seward until we heard about the beauty of that area specifically.
~Using the app RV Life Trip Wizard has been so useful as it shows time and miles based on the road and your speed limit.