Favorite Gear

Just a few of our favorite items that are helpful when we go out on our adventures.

White Folding Dish Rack by Hutzler found at Home Depot. Strong and durable to air dry plenty of plates, cups, and cutlery. Folds for compact storage when not in use. Clutter free design keeps countertops tidy

Jackery 1500 found at Jackery . This is generator is used inside to power the toaster, coffee maker and most important a hairdryer when needed. Also, we have the Jackery 240 which replaces all those brick chargers.

Tire pressure monitor by TST Truck System Technologies (Model TM-507SE)

Dish holders or cradles, which are used in two places and sold by Amazon. I have the 11 inch for dinner plates and paper plates over the dinette, and over the stove the 9 inch for salad plates and smaller lunch plates.

Folding table made by Coleman sold by Amazon. This table is used when there isn’t a picnic table for BBQing, or we are having a campsite party and need a place to serve food.

Weather monitor for inside and outside temps sold by Amazon. It is nice to look at the outside temp, and we keep the sensor in the case where the propane is.

Webbed Lawn Chairs sold by Amazon . Having webbed chairs in the summer are nice for air flow. For cold weather times we use the Strong Back Chairs sold by Amazon. And for light weight and portable chairs these sold by Amazon.

To keep those mosquitoes away, Thermacell is the best, sold by Amazon . To get the refills in California, Target has them as Amazon will not ship to CA.

Touch lights with USB are helpful for both inside and out, and are used when the power goes out at home. Sold by Amazon.

Coffee Carafe when we do pour overs in the morning. Sold by Amazon.

For years we used a little level to put on the kitchen counter when arriving at our spot to level the trailer. Now we use the LogicBlue Technology LevelMatePRO+. It allows the driver to make the decision, and sometimes we do still use the little level just to check.

Cute Airstream ornament to look at on the tree, sold by Amazon.