Over the threshold

So excited! There are no words!

We arrived at Bay Area Airstream Adventures and met up with Skylar to take us out to the cloud (haven’t come up with a name yet). It has been more than a month since the initial order and since they were just getting the place together back in mid-April for their grand opening there was a lot of new stuff to see on the way out to the cloud.

Once we were on the showroom floor all the Airstreams were looking “shiny and new”. Many were lit up, doors open and there were even a couple of new trucks being showcased. Skylar led us to the very back corner where we found the cloud. So exciting to initially see it – even if it had been towed 2,326 mi, 34 hours according to Google Maps. It still looked shiny and new! As my husband and I approached – I asked to be carried across the threshold. Once inside we explored, asked questions, took pictures and video so we could look later at our cloud. We also decided to order the bike rack (seems it is quite the task to put it together), along with the brake controller and hitch. We also will have an rv goodie bag when we take possession and Skylar assured us we could leave and go for as long as the toilet paper lasted.

Next Saturday is pickup and the walk through – then we are on our own. Reminds me of having our first child – when we drive down the road I will be a bit nervous, scared and excited. We are going to camp that first night at Woodson Bridge SRA, then the next day drive home, get ready for the big trip to the Grand Canyon, Zion and all points in between. Let the adventure begin!