Woodson Bridge Re-visit

John loves the Sacramento valley and its topography and Woodson Bridge is always a comfortable place to get to and stay. Because the weather has been so mild it would be fun to visit the Sacramento valley area and relax. Due to my job, Veteran’s Weekend was the time to get away and we had 4 days to play with.  We left on Saturday morning and easily found a site for the next three nights.The campground was well used but mostly by one nighters. We did have a family camp next to us, and they were there just for the weekend. An Airstream came in but we never connected with them.  Whenever I see one come into the place where we are staying I want to have a party with them- but hasn’t happened yet.

So relaxing to have a beer, read and watch the day unfold.

TV reception is sometimes good and we were able to watch the CBS Morning show and this interview with Jon Stewart. We only watch live TV when were in the Cloud and its pretty cool.

I love old buildings and signs – made John drive past this place on the way to the vineyard three times to get the right picture. I should have just got out of the truck and walked to where the best angle was.

New Clairaux Vineyard grounds. We have been here twice and each time we come away with some good wine. It’s only 10 minutes from the campground.

This trip we decided to go olive tasting also. We first went to the Olive Pit and sampled some olives. It was more of a gift shop than a tasting place. Then journeyed to Lucero Olive Oil and they were in full production. We even went on a personal tour. Had olive oil and ice cream together – so interesting. This picture is the bottling room. Cute place.

The sunseting skies while we were camping were like paintings.

One night the sunset was unbelievable. I have never seen a more beautiful sunset with the river reflecting all the colors.