Six Days to Rocky NP

Six days to Rocky Mountain NP, Tuesday, July 9, headed to Hat Creek – a quick two-hour drive, site 34. This campground was our first night’s lodging after an afternoon getaway, and the first one we stayed at on our way to the Grand Canyon and parks east in 2013. Luckily no reservations needed, and we had a beautiful sunset during our walk around the campground.

First night shakedown is always good and only two hours to home.

We stopped in Susanville for breakfast and also to look at the end/beginning of the 26-mile Bizz Johnson biking trailhead located at the Susanville Depot. Heading east we arrived at Rye Patch State Park in Nevada along the Humboldt River around 3 to set up. So hot! We relaxed chasing the shade. The campground has 22 sites and about half were occupied. We chatted with our neighbors who were headed to Glacier and settled in to explore the walk up to the base of the dam around 8:30 pm.

Musical chairs to chase the shade as it was 98 out and no hookups.

It was awesome to be able to walk alongside the dam on those stairs.

The ultimate way to picnic…its already 85 and its early!

Only can imagine the journey from Missouri, glad for the today’s technology and the Airstream.

Leaving early, we continued east on 80, stopping at the California Trail Interpretive Center, ate lunch and toured the center. I highly recommend a stop here. We started to look for camping soon after and found a campground called Angel Creek (East Humboldt Mts.)at 6800 feet with 18 sites, outside of Wells, Nevada. So gorgeous! We had our choice of spots, got water and picked a site with a fabulous view. This campground is so inviting with the vistas, cows meandering though, and the camp host. We settled in to watch the day end. The higher elevation was also welcomed which allowed us to escape the valley heat. It was hard to leave but Rocky was calling along with our reservation beginning in two days.

This is a jewel of a campground- Nevada surprised us with its beauty.

I was more scared then they were but they were in my path.

Again a purposeful early start,  and arrived at the Bonneville Salt Flats – rest area around 11. Around 5 we knew we had to start looking for a place to stay and after consulting All Stays and Campendium we decided to stop just over the border in Wyoming at Phillips RV Park, site 30. It’s a small little park, family owned since 1936. We set up and went for a walk, finding the Bear River Greenway, mosquitoes, and contemplated going to the Friday night rodeo just down the street. Only thing was it was another early morning, so we settled in for a movie.

Saw a lot of folks walking out on the flats at the rest area west bound. They do have foot wash stations to help with the wash off

Lincoln Highway 1913, first coast-to-coast highway. Cabins from 1927, then a campground called Sunset Camp in Evanston, WY.

Driving through Wyoming was beautiful, windy and green. I had thought about staying at Curt Gowdy State Park in Wyoming for along time after reading about it online. As the drive was long we made it there just after 5, and luckily had called to get a spot held for us in Aspen Grove. This place is crazy popular with a lake, and the drive in reminded me somewhat of Joshua Tree with all the rock formations. I found it hard to navigate through the many camping areas – water was an issue and we had to go to the camp host to get it. Our site was on grass and in an enclosed area next to a parking lot for hikers and a horse area.

Curt Gowdy camping.

Walk from the Visitors Center at Curt Gowdy.