Ending 2109…Beginning 2020

Always nice to leave for a bit and then come home again.

The sunsets along the delta were beautiful this night.

Time to head south to Santa Cruz and try our luck again at beach side camping! Leaving Friday, the 27th in the afternoon, after all the family had headed home, we managed to just make it to Brannan Island SP by sunset. This is always a sweet spot to camp in the off season as it green and we enjoy the ambiance of the Sacramento delta area. It was a quick visit as our goal was to get to SeaCliff SB before 12 to enter the lottery. So hard to get into any coastal park these days, although I had managed to snag a campsite this night at New Brighton SB just in case and then a week at Sunset SB. Arriving at SeaCliff we entered the lottery, but unfortunately we were not able to get a site, so we moved to New Brighton SB.  It was a gorgeous day and perfect for an afternoon walk on the beach, a chat with some other Airstream owners who were also going to SeaCliff, and a perfect sunset.

Up early at Brannan Island SP, it is a cold clear morning, but we need to get on the road.

Waiting at the top parking lot to see if we can get a spot.

Our spot at New Brighton SB

A gorgeous sunset with a glass of wine

We awoke to an overcast day, had a leisurely morning, dumped and got water and headed towards SeaCliff again. Luckily, we snagged a site, cancelled our Sunset site and were all settled by 1:30. We visited the Visitor’s Center and came out into heavy rain, but not to worry as we were at SeaCliff and had plenty of reading material and videos to watch. The next morning, we awoke to a fabulous blue sky and sun for days! We walked around the SeaCliff area, and John’s two sisters joining us for a late afternoon walk, a campfire and take out from Manuel’s.

Perfect site even in the rain.

No traffic here in A10.

The morning view after the rain

Love watching the Sanderlings

The last day of 2019, and another perfectly blue sky, with a walk along the beach, met the sisters at the Crow’s Nest for lunch in Santa Cruz, walked around Santa Cruz, Capitola and then had dinner at sister Linda’s house.

I love all the art generated in this area.

Lived right up the street from here back in the day.

So photogenic, bright and calming those colors of the Capitola Venetain Hotel.

First day of 2020 and SeaCliff SB was having an historical tour that we joined in on, we relaxed the entire day, hanging at the beach because that’s what happens at the beach.
It’s Thursday, January 2 and we decide to explore Elkhorn Slough with our kayak. We’re in the water at Moss Landing by 10:30 and the place is magical. So many harbor seals, sea otters, pelicans and birds. There are a few kayaks on the slough and one can venture up about 5 miles. We take our time and do about a mile in. On the way back there are many more kayaks and the wind has become exhausting, but we make it back with a bit of effort. It was fortunate that we went when we did. We hit Watsonville for lunch and headed back to camp. It was another perfect sunset.

Pumping up our ride.

The water is like glass

Harbor seals enjoying the sun

Lots of pelicans

Sea otters you could almost touch

Have always loved this Watsonville mural

Friday, last full day and we decided to visit the slough from the land side at the Research Reserve. There is a nice visitor’s center and trails that start from there. We walked the South Marsh Loop and also walked to Hummingbird Island. It was a beautiful day and we learned a lot about the area, and will be back again to kayak it – that time we will go earlier. Takeout again with family, a campfire and an early night.

Driving into the slough area

Map of the area

Hiking on the trail

Hummingbird Island train

Last night campfire

Pier sunset happiness.

Up early on Saturday morning, and luckily the weather didn’t beckon us to stay another day, and we were back home by 6. Always a great way to end the year and start a new one with the beach and family!