Our new Cloud!


Here’s the Cloud!

So excited to finally have this day come. It is like having a baby since we have never been rv’ers. We arrived at 9:00 and walked back to the cloud -and waited for the walk through to begin. It’s a necessary element -like giving your baby a bath for a first time or changing the diaper -it helps to have someone show you how to handle those first times. I told the technicians (Gary is a dream Airstream dude) they were like the nursing staff. Ken did the walk through -and I asked countless questions and he was super patient. I am a technical girl and like the details, knowledge and visual examples. We started on the front with the propane and worked our way around to the sewage…so fun. Then inside and the essentials like lighting the stove, how to flush the toilet, how to hook up our iPhones to get calls and listen to music. Then we were done and went back to the hitch setup and leveling. Paperwork happened, and Gary drove us out of the garage to check the trailer break. Then we were left to drive away.Nervous as we left the security of knowledgeable people. We headed to Suesin and drove through challenging streets but no real issues. We found a long parking spot and went to eat lunch.

Our Airstream was still there when we returned – all shiny and new! Headed for the freeway and it was smooth sailing – it’s amazing that we were towing something – can’t tell except for gas mileage. Usually we are at 17…seems like 12 is the current norm. Stopped at a rest area, Starbucks (parked in the CHP) parking lot and found our way to Woodson Bridge State Park.

Parking and leaving to go find lunch.