Backyard of Duck Creek, Utah

After two days exploring away from the Cloud we decided we needed to get to know the area around us. Waking up at 8:30 was a good start especially with our alarm clock was a knock on the trailer from our daughter wanting our hiking sticks. Lazy morning drinking coffee and getting to know the trailer a bit better. We went for a hike right out of our trailer to Aspen Mirror Lake – 2 miles, then decided to drive and look at the local Forest Service Campground at Duck Creek. Nice campground! We then visited the visitors center and they told us about a hike called Cascade Falls – which flows into the Virgin River.

Walking into the lava tube at Cascade Falls

Aspen Mirror Lake

Visitor’s Center

Duck Creek Village Park – trail to Aspen Mirror Lake behind the cloud.

The drive up to the trail head to Cascade Falls was educational as there was a lava field that appeared. I didn’t know there were lava fields in this part of the country. When we arrived at the trail head there was an interpretive board showing that Navajo Lake, to the north, flowed through a lava tube out to Cascade Falls.The hike was easy compared to the hike into Bryce Canyon.  It was funny when we arrived at the falls. First the falls are very small and then there were some young adults taking off their shoes and crossing the barrier to hike into the lava tube at the headwaters of Cascade Falls.We left Cascade Falls and drove the interesting drive to Cedar City to get some supplies – at least we know what we are in for tomorrow.  Cedar City is a very nice city and the home of Southern Utah University. We need black beans and gas so it was the perfect spot. Dinner was great – fish tacos etc and tales of our kids walking the Narrows in Zion.