We traveled with bikes in the pickup and lunches to Zion. The drive in from the east entrance on the Mount Carmel Highway was breathtaking especially going through the tunnel. The parking lot was full at the visitors center by 11- however we drove around once and got a spot. We decided to ride first up the bike path, then visit the visitors center and then decide on the rest of the day. The bike path was short but decent considering the heat and we found a spot to play and eat in the Virgin River that flows throughout the park.

We then biked back to the visitors center, locked our bikes up and headed inside where it was pleasant. Both John and I went over to the back country area to look at maps and try to figure out where we had backpacked many years before during a spring break from college.

After visiting the visitor center we chose to ride the shuttle to the end -but the girls would get off first for ice cream at the Zion Lodge and the guys would get off at the next stop and walk back. Zion Lodge is pretty and spread out with a huge lawn in front. There was plenty of shade under a massive cottonwood where many people were relaxing and where we ate our soft serve ice creams.

We all got on the shuttle to go to the end and back. The national park service does a good job of interpreting the information when on the bus. They are hot however – no cooling except with open windows. The journey was interesting on the way back and meeting people who had gone up the Narrows -walking in the river.

We ventured back into the visitors center when we returned, got our bikes, loaded up and drove back to Duck Creek. After showers and had salmon and potatoes for dinner followed by ice cream. The next day we decided that we would explore the local area while Mariah and family would go back to Zion and do the Narrows Hike.

Being able to travel with bikes is a must for our family. So thankful for the invention of the bike rack and the truck!

Waiting in line to go through the tunnel – one way traffic only.

The Virgin River

Kids, water, parents and food – perfect!

Zion Lodge lawn

Taking the hot shuttle is worth it – just for the information about the park.