Yelp says 4 1/2 stars @ Nehalem Bay State Park


We are headed to Nehalem Bay State Park after a visit to the Umpqua Lighthouse Museum. The lighthouse is a must to go through. The history, architecture, and novelty of the lighthouse are impressive. It also is good to take the tour with as little people as possible, in my case there were four of us including our “ville” guide.  After the tour we packed up and traveled north. It was a long drive with a mix of fog, wind and sun – most of it along the coast.

You could see at times that maybe two blocks east the sun was shining. We ate lunch at Cape Perpetua and it was warm, quiet and beautiful.Coming into Nehalem Bay five hours later was quite a visual experience. When I booked the reservations this campground was quite popular on  internet sites – including Yelp.

The campground is quite large and filled. We were in site # F16(45). Privacy was at a premium, however the vibe was great – tons of multi-family parties going on.  perfect place for kids!

The beach is vast and beautifu!

We biked to the bay that has a small airstrip attached to it. Pretty nice spot.