Last trip of the 2013 season :(

This is a little story about the last camping trip of the year.  We wanted to travel to Lassen National Park in mid-August but local obligations kept us close to home so we decided to camp at Trinity River Campground 36 miles from our house.It was an easy drive and we drove in – no campground water – but within a short distance to the river that feeds Trinity Lake. We then decided to look at Eagle Creek Campground about 10 miles further. It was not a fun drive – one lane dirt road at times and then the campground had few if-any sites that would accommodate us and they were all taken.  We headed back to Trinity River Campground and chose our site and set up. The campground is right on the road – but traffic is minimal – maybe a car or two every 30 minutes. A few campers that night, but mostly for three days we had the campground to ourselves. Our one neighbor whom stayed the entire time turned out to be a local family getting ready to set up a campsite for the upcoming deer season.

Actually while we were here we planned a trip for October to Lassen NP – but because of the government shut down we got shut down.

Pretty perfect spot close to home.

Our go-to-dinner – salmon, baked potato and salad!

Wanted to spend time on the river and play in the water – it was perfect and right by the campground.

It rained! Being in the Cloud is perfect!

Wanted to check out the upper areas – Big Flat Campground. This was on the way and I would never take an Airstream on that road…did see a variety of horse trailers though that seemed to be at least 25 feet.