New 2014 Season – Get Ready!

Our favorite place to hang out on Sunday night and early Monday morning – Bay Area Airstream Adventures parking lot!

Shakedown trip Memorial Day Weekend 2014!  It’s almost summer and time to head out for the season in the Cloud – but first we need to have a little bit of work done.  We are heading to Bay Area Airstream Adventures late Thursday to where we bought the Cloud last June. We will spend the night in their parking lot and then look around the area while they work their magic. I am reluctant to travel this weekend, so we shall see how it goes. Not many issues to have looked at so it shouldn’t be too long of a time, and then we will head to our favorite spot – Woodson Bridge State Park where we have two night reservations.
After a night at Bay Area Airstream Adventures to have warranty work done we pulled in to the campground and set up. The campground is just as beautiful as it was last year due to the camp hosts that maintain it. After getting all set up I put up my solar string lights between two trees and immediately when they came on the camp host was in my site informing me that the trees were to have nothing hanging from them – it was a state park rule. Needless to say I found another alternative.

Woodson Bridge and the Sacramento River

Such a cool place to visit!

On Saturday, before breakfast, we went for a short hike to the river and then later got in the truck to check out the New Clairvaux Vineyard in Vina.  The winery is run by Trappists monks and they have been on the land since 1955 harvesting at first almonds and prunes. The grounds are beautiful and the tasting room a joy to visit.  On this particular day two of the monks and an assistant were pouring the wine.

The tasting room is an educational place to visit and to learn about the history of the vineyard, grounds and the monks.

Deer Creek area – into the neighboring orchards. Sunday morning we hiked the levee road from the campground before going home to look at Deer Creek.

Love this campground and all the majestic trees!