Montana de Oro – Love this place!

The beach is beautiful and a gem to visit.

When we decided to stay for two nights at Montana de Oro it was quite the challenge about access and dryness. I had heard nothing about it, the site description makes this park look very dry, and the road in looked a little scarey. Also you are assigned your space when arriving and I know that this can be frustrating because the good ones are always gone. BUT since we were in the Cloud we could be happy regardless, and usually choose to stay only two nights when we are unsure. We drove from Camp Comfort in Ojai and arrived around 1:30 driving through a small eucalyptus forest and then this fabulous beach showed up! There were numerous sites and we picked one in the back, #44. All sites are within walking distance to the beach. From the Sunset Beach experience I knew we needed water so arrived with full tanks. This park is almost full by nightfall and we were glad we had arrived as early as we did.
One of the highlights of this park is the bike riding that it contains at all levels. I am a flatland rider and my hubby is the climber and off-roader, all available in varying lengths. Another activity was to travel to Morro Bay SP and check out the sites.  Too close for our taste, but the museum is worth the visit.  We have Montana de Oro on our travel plans for 2015.

This sign was an interesting read but a bit scarey.

Saw this little gem come in – the only one in the park besides us. It was an Airstream to Go set up. We had a little conversation with the occupants whom were thrilled with their two week trip.

Seals at Montara – picture via the bike ride.

Numerous beaches to walk on and very uncrowded.

Everyone loves a sunset over the water!