Really we got a reservation at Seacliff!

Decided to take a chance and head back to Santa Cruz. Thinking we would just wing it – I managed to get a reservation somehow for, of course, one night at Seacliff. Now its an interesting and crazy confusing set-up regarding their overflow and their daily lottery. Once you get in then it’s MAYBE possible to book it longer.  SOOOO confusing! I think the next time we go there I am going to audio record the process. I know this is not of any help if you are reading this – sorry.We lucked out with the site – although the next door neighbor asked us to trade right when we pulled in. Crazy environment -the beach so vast and the camping quarters so tight.  OH and there isn’t water or hookups where our site was…so guess what – we had to travel to New Brighton to get water.

The view from B15- priceless – except the $63 we paid.

Manuel’s is within walking distance – but you better have a reservation. Such good food! And the ice cream just across the street is yummy!!!

What a sunset making us want even more time at Seacliff!

Morning time and we had great neighbors who arrived late the night before. These are some tight spots.

One last cup of coffee and then it was time to pack up and head north to Marin to stay for a couple of days.