Lassen NP!


The first part of the story….Last chance to stay at Crags Campground before it moves into a youth camp. This has been a fun campground and it really was the tipping point for us to move into the trailer stage.  Three years ago when we first stayed here – it was late summer and we were tent camping but brought one of those blow up beds with us to put in the tent.  Across from us a couple arrived with a small trailer and set up solar panels – it was quite cute. We woke up to a rainy morning and knew our tent wouldn’t take to much more rain -so left. 

So lucky to see this three years ago!!!!

The second part of the story….We drove the long way home and stopped at a trailer sales place, and the wheels started spinning. That fall we planned our journey out of the tent and into a trailer, always agreeing on our favorite trailer – the Airstream. It helped that earlier that summer we were camping in Albee Creek Campground (Humboldt Redwoods SP) and a trailer family we met brought us ice cream and just-baked brownies from their trailer. I’m a sucker for brownies and John a sucker for ice cream and both suckers for campground hospitality! It also should be mentioned we saw a renovated Bowles there also! We were seriously mesmerized by this trailer and the owners that let us tour it. After that the spirit took us. And we are definitely suckers for classic design – hence the Cloud. 

The Cloud is so small compared to its surroundings! And this is the place for cell service! Could not believe all the cars parked with people on the rocks talking on their cells!

Nothing better than having ice cream in a campground with homemade apple crisp!

1.8Mile loop around Manzanita Lake in the morning before the big hike on Sunday.

This trial was the hardest ever!

Round Trip Distance: 7.4 miles Round Trip Time: 6 hours Terrain: Rocky, forested, alpine Elevation: 6635′ – 9235′

Actually the hardest trail was in Yosemite along time ago…

 The third part of the story continues daily with the planning and the dreams of future adventures!