Inn Town Campground, Nevada City

First day of April, Sunday and the beginning of Easter break. After getting ready we left to moochdock at relatives. We had a fabulous dinner, chatted and slept. After breakfast and a walk around the neighborhood we took off.

I had booked our stay for three nights at Inn Town Campground #10 in Nevada City after following their build of the campground. We had the perfect site, made lunch and explored the campground. We decided to then drive to the Yuba River and through Nevada City. It was gorgeous and we did a short hike looking for wildflowers, but none to be found. Back at camp we enjoyed dinner and settled in for the night.

Tuesday came and relatives joined us at our campground for the day. We hiked to Nevada City which is only a mile and had lunch, shopped and had ice cream. The town is quite cute and reminds us of our hometown. We wonder why Weaverville isn’t like this town due to similar histories. Easy hike back to the campground and we said our goodbyes. We headed to Grass Valley for supplies and to rent a movie.
Wednesday we drove to the gardens at Ananda Village that our friends the Burke’s had told us about. The area is expansive. The gardens at Crystal Hermitage themselves are beautiful and colorful. We then headed into the village to get lunch and take in another part of the landscape. Heading out we turned to head to Malakoff Diggins. The town called North Bloomfield is well preserved and we lucked out to be able to get into the museum for 15 minutes, then toured the outer buildings. It was funny to see a Monitor on display from the La Grange Mine, our local mine. A mile away are the diggins and we took the Diggins Loop trail, at 2.8 miles. It was a bit dysfunctional, due to signage, and we felt lost at times but we saw a lot. On the way back we decided to extend our stay at Inn Town Campground and to further explore Nevada City. We got gas and another movie on the way home and then I hit the campground store for a local brew and to pay for another night.
Thursday was quite overcast. We woke up and walked into Nevada City. Walked around to find a restaurant and had lunch. I had a fun time shopping on my own while John investigated more of the history of the town. We then met up to try and find the historic trail, but never were able to and we had to get back to clean up and go see our dear friends the Burke’s in Grass Valley.
April 6, Friday, we woke up to rain. And after cleanup we headed out for home as John had to work on Saturday. It was a fun trip seeing family and friends as well as exploring the Nevada City area. Of course we enjoyed Inn Town Campground, as the staff was friendly, accommodating, grounds were perfect and they have a great little store. We will be back!