Butte Lake, Lassen NP

Lassen National Park is one of our favorites and we wanted to at least use the kayak once on this trip, so we decided to stay at Butte Lake. After a crazy drive through a butterfly hatch that colored our windshield and the Airstream, we got to camp, set up in A7 and visited the lake by 3:30, and it was perfect! We relaxed as we knew we were only two hours from home.

Although it’s a pull through we angled it just right.

Can not wait to kayak on this lake!

The next morning, we were up early and although I wasn’t feeling all that great, we decided to take the hike up the Cinder Cone. It’s a three-mile hike round trip right from the campground, and although I’ve done it before I knew it was slow going up due to steepness. I had a rough go halfway up the trail on the cone and had to actually sit down in the dirt to relax my belly. I made it and obviously felt so much better at the top especially because there wasn’t any wind and the views are nonparallel. Around 4 pm we took the kayak out on the lake and it was heaven!

The Cinder Cone hike is a strenuous hike with a 850 ft. elevation gain.

The views both up and back are spectacular and because of exposure early is best.

At the top!

Heading down is easy!

The next day we relaxed, went kayaking in the morning and the late afternoon, hiking around the area for our last night. The lake is one of my favorites with its wildlife, views and calmness.

Numerous visits on the lake this trip!

A peek of a peak!

Pull out picnic spot

Thru my phone holder of the ducks!

Monday was getaway day and for the first time ever we were anxious to get home as our kids were home with Ava and Chloe!