Trinity River /Etna

Anniversary and Birthday weekend getaway with close friends, so excited! We headed out after work and get to Trinity River Campground around 5 pm and tried a new spot #2. The usual place we stay was taken up with hunters getting ready for opening day. Walked down to the river and just watched the river flow.

This campground has no water, just pit toilets and is right by the highway, however only a few cars every other hour cruz by.

Trinity River before the dam and the water is inviting! Last time we were her we saw a marten, but nothing tonight.

Next morning we headed to Etna with reservations at Mountain Village RV Park. This campground is typical, however one can walk into Etna and there is  great bike riding from here. Our friends soon arrived, and we relaxed, and walked into Etna. Our goal was to eat at the Denny Bar and luckily we didn’t have to wait long for a 7 pm table.

Had this section to ourselves until a couple came in an decide to park right next to us.

Having a little bit of green between us was just enough.

Denny Bar in Etna is worth the visit. Great food and drinks.

They make some good stuff in the distillery right within the restaurant.

Saturday, hubby’s birthday, the guys went for a bike ride and the gals went walking into town. After lunch we all drove to Kangaroo Lake, which needs brushing, with the intention of going kayaking. When we arrived the area that we remember that was the parking area was turned into campsites. Since we all visited this lake over 20 years ago – it was okay to see change. However, that kept us from being on the water. After leaving we decided to have a drink at the Callahan Emporium Bar. It was empty and we had fun putting our money on the wall declaring our mutual wedding anniversaries.  Arriving back at camp we changed and headed to Fort Jones to eat at Five Mary’s. Had the outside to ourselves! Enjoyed the meal and headed back to camp.

Morning walk from the campground!

Enjoying one more year together! HB too!

So fun to celebrate with friends who have the same anniversary.

Going to have to stop one day and see if its still stapled to the wall.

Five Mary”s Bar

Outside dinner.

Sunday three of us went on a bike ride, while the other attended church. The bike ride was chilly early on, but it warmed up by the end. Etna valley is gorgeous! Back at camp we ate breakfast, packed up and took the 2-hour drive home. Fun and memorable weekend!

Bike ride on Sunday morning.

The sun came out around the end of our ride.