On the Road to Hat Creek

After packing for a few days which was interspersed with finishing grades, company, and yard work Monday finally came ! After final prep we left for our first night for spots unknown. Now that we don’t have kids to worry about we can be a bit more adventurous. Our start was late and with 299 under heavy construction (about 3 miles of dirt road with a pilot car) and stops at Safeway, Sports Authority (first dent -left the key in the door and it flew back and now a tiny dent)  and Target we traveled into Lassen Nf. It was a crazy foggy drive and with heat the day before in the 90’s and now in the high 60’s it was odd humidity.

The house driveway about to leave on our first big journey!

Here we are – had to unhook but we fit!

We broke though the fog and found our way to Hat Creek CG. The sites are open but spread out and there was even a 19 foot airstream! When we walked around the campground later -in the almost dark- the airstream was lit up inside with cool blue green lights!

Dinner was fabulous -BBQ salmon, green salad and we tried out the oven for baked potatoes! We had a nice bottle of white wine to compliment it. I love this new camping adventure.