Through Las Vegas to Lake Mead NRA

We are up early, filled up the water tank at my sister’s and are off to Las Vegas or points beyond. Drive was diverse. About 45 minutes we drove into a beautiful canyon with a creek/river running through it and then drove through farmland – garlic, alfalfa and cattle. Left these little valleys for dry county and then drove along Walker Lake -very vast, dry with lake of activity. Drove into Tonopah to get gas and pick up lunch.  Came upon Goldfield – so cool – historical buildings and a great place for photography. One of the prettiest fire stations I have ever seen resides here. Lunch was a picnic right next to the local school.

Lunch in the Cloud and a walk around to do some photography!

Took a lot of pictures here!

Fire Station at Goldfield, Nevada

Lake Mead Campground

Made it into Las Vegas after raiding the freezer at a stop along the road for ice cream! Decided that the temp was too hot 109 for no AC -so I found via Air Forums -Lake Mead NRA. We drove there -and with the wind it must have been hotter.This was our first experience with hook ups ( 38$) . After hooking up and turning on the AC our problems began. Off and on for about three hours the error message on the AC unit would appear C7 and shut off. We would try changing plug sources and reading everything we could about the unit. We had used the AC already without any issues back home. Luckily by 10 pm it appeared to settle down and to stay on and we could relax and sleep.