To Grand Canyon!


Needed a glamour shot – a boy and his ride! There is a lot of space between Lake Mead and the Grand Canyon to go thru!

Made a visit to Hoover Dam along the way of the 270 mile journey! We want to return to this area sometime in winter.

Always perform a dump before a long drive! Our drive to Grand Canyon was interesting as we experienced a variety of things such as the Hoover Dam, stopping to get blankets in a town that doesn’t need them ever, stocking up on food and forgetting to shut the fridge all the way – eggs on the floor, and wanting to stop in cute towns but having to think about parking the Cloud.


Getting closer!

South Rim Grand Canyon Campground

Grand Canyon crazy night as I woke up to a knocking sound I’m pretty sure from the propane tanks (update -it took two trips over the course of the next year to get this fixed – the regulator needed to be changed as it leaked). It kept waking me up -at least four times in the night. And since the campground was very still I am absolutely positive that everyone heard it. John never did though.  I got up at 6:30 and wrote about it on air forums -some responses were helpful. Finally heard it during the day time and we lifted up the lid and adjusted the valve – by turning it a bit. I occasionally hear it but not at all to the extent before.

One day we spent on bikes – riding up to the visitors center, eating snacks, riding up to Yaki Point where we were hoping to catch the bus back -but the driver refused Luca’s bike. We made the best of it and saw two sibling elk go to the water faucets get drinks and then decide to fight about it. The ride back was super easy -downhill to the visitors center where we watched the movie about Grand Canyon and ate ice cream.

John and Heath on bikes.

Nothing better than camping with family!

So many pictures to take and places to see!

Elk at the drinking fountain.

Dinners were split between us and  Mariah and Heath’s. Food was easy with our fridge and their ice chest. But desserts were best at their campsite as it had to be s’mores made with the biggest marshmallows ever..they were the best!

One night we had a bit of a rain – maybe 15 drops….crazy finally to be in the Airstream and not worry.