Journey to Utah – Duck Creek

We rode through Grand Canyon Trailer Village. I’m not ready for the close knit community trailer life style yet. Time to get the cloud ready for another voyage. This time we are heading to Utah. The place is Duck Creek and our spot is one of three with hook ups. Duck Creek is a winter haven for snowmobilers and a summer haven for off road vehicles. It is one of the headwaters for the Virgin River that flows through Zion NP.

Our drive was easy (120 miles)  and we stopped to enjoy the freedom of self containment for lunch.  We found the spot at Duck Creek with little thought..behind the Ace Hardware store. Luckily we bought blankets -summer type- in Kingman, Arizona and some long underwear clothes..haha in Arizona. We hooked up and then went to the rental our daughter had. It was quite nice – a three bedroom large cabin less than 5 minutes away.

Dinner was hamburgers and even though we were in Utah we had margaritas! That night was cold and we woke up numerous times due to being cold…should have used the heater before 3 in the morning (we had hook ups) – well we did but forgot to shut the ceiling vents ….so not very helpful.

Open skies for ever!